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Flow Blue Antique China

Flow Blue is a real "Blue Chip" in antique china collecting. During the turn of the 20th century one's Flow Blue china collection would have been used as one's kitchen china or perhaps "second best" china. Not at the turn of the 21st century! During the past twenty years retail prices have soared and complete dinner, luncheon or tea services command very high prices. Fortunately, however, vast quantities of Flow Blue were made in hundreds of patterns between about 1825 or 1915; and, there are still wonderful finds to be made. Whenever I think that there is a real scarcity of complete services or the unusual older pieces, I will come across something just wonderful in the most unlikely place. Popular with the American market from the beginning, the great majority of Flow Blue found its way to the United States during the past 175 years. There are still collections to be assembled albeit for a lot more money! Click here to read one of my articles on the subject of Flow Blue.

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Turkey Plater
Turkey Platter, 23 inches, Cauldon, circa 1905 - excellent condition.

"Whampoa" by Mellor and Venables, circa 1840's, soup tureen - small chip at foot rim and some wear.


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Martha Washington Chain of States
8-7/9 inch plate, marked Royal Semi Porcelain, circa 1900.

19-1/2 inch by 16 inch meat platter, two small rim repairs inexpertly done, circa 1840's - 60's.


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18-1/2 inch by 14 inch platter set into table frame, platter is circa 1850's and is by Thos Godwin Pottery, excellent condition. Table frame was made at a later date and is classic in style and also in excellent condition.
$1,400 complete

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