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English Staffordshire Figurines

During the early 1800's and through the early 1900's Staffordshire figurines were very popular with the rising middle class in the UK as well as in the United States and to some extend Europe. There are many categories that range from pastoral characters with charming animals, huntsmen to, actual historical figures, depictions from contemporary theatre, opera and circus life. Of course, perhaps the most beloved and popular figurines are those depictions of Queen Victoria's royal pets (the ubiquitous Spaniel) and her children. These figurines were never meant to be actual renditions of people, nor perfectly modeled and painted ceramic examples. Rather they are often simply painted and modeled (dare I say sometimes crudely done) yet have whimsy and charm that have captured collectors hearts for almost two centuries. There are "re-issues" from not only from China and Taiwan but also England itself! So be aware.

Begging Spaniel Pitcher
Charming unmarked piece, circa 1870 - 80's. Very good color and modeling, one small chip inside rim, about 9 inches high.


Click image for a closer view.

Click image for a closer view.
Couple at the Well
Unmarked, mostly white which is indicative of the 1870-90's period.  Quite lovely faces and modeling.  Some surface wear and a small crack on man's nose, about 9-3/4 inches high. 

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Black Cow Creamer
Black over red clay, gold touches, with lid, probably 1870-80's.

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